Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

They’ve gone in and out of fashion over the years, but it felt criminal not to include at least one play gym on our list, and the Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is definitely the best suited to babies in the 0-6 month age range. This bright and colourful play gym boasts a pretty impressive feature set. Once we’d got it all set-up, we could see the eponymous piano (which boasts some nice, chunky keys) a brilliant little playmat that’s crawling with cute jungle friends, and a mobile that’s packed with tactile elements Of all these elements, the mobiles probably the most interesting; particularly for babies between 0 and 6 months. There are colourful plastic animals with spinning disks and moveable parts, and there’s also a tiny mirror that’s bound to prove fascinating. In short, there’s enough there to keep them occupied for an hour or so at a time, and there are plenty of opportunities for combined play if you want to get stuck in, and do a little bonding. The whole play gym will grow with them too – as they get older, they’ll learn to play with the piano during tummy time, and the mat is a great space for playing with other toys too. The whole unit’s nice and lightweight as well. A lot of play gyms are a nightmare to take up or put down, but this one is straightforward, and easy to travel with.

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