Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Teether

W The Manhattan Toy company are well known for making some of the best baby toys on today’s market, and we’re pleased to say that their Winkel rattle and sensory teether is no exception.

This dazzling collection of soft-plastic tubes could almost be a piece of abstract art in its own right, and we think that the bright colors, the sheer bombasity of the shape and endless, looping design are all-but-guaranteed to fascinate young children.

This is a very tactile toy too – hold it in your hand and the first thing you’ll notice is that it feels interesting. There’s a lot to grab, lots of different things to hold. It rattles when you shake it and it’s fun just to turn it round and round.

Sure, there’s only really one texture, and it’s true that the mirrors and baubles you’ll find on other toys are absent here, but those small disadvantages are offset by the overall quality of the piece, and the sheer joy we’ve seen in bring to our little tester’s face.

It does make a fantastic teether too – the loops are BPA-free, which means they’re 100% safe for your baby to chow down on, and they’re also just the right pliability. They flex, and they have give, but they’re not so soft that your baby won’t get any relief from biting down on them.

Oh, and it’s easy to keep clean. Everything wipes down with warm, soapy water and there really isn’t any other maintenance or upkeep to speak of.

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